Lawn Mower
Water Sprinkler
Large Lawn



Lawn Mower Selection Support

Lawn Mowing

Grass Catcher, Mulch Mowing, Reel Mowing. We have the right machines and tools for every size of job. 

Raking Grass

Lawn Maintenance

Disease care and regular upkeep to keep lawn healthy all four seasons. 

Cleaning with Water Pump

Water Blasting

Water blasting driveways, tennis courts, pathways, patios, pools. Hi-pressure or Low-pressure

Removing Weeds

Weed Control

Weed spraying or removal 

Grass Lawn with Concrete Wall


Tidy edges along fence-lines or boundaries between lawn and gardens


Weed Eating

Section preparation, hard to access lots, larger weed and longer grass growth

Lawn Strip

Lawn Fertilisation

Promotes Healthy Lawns. Best months are August and September

Rake and Wheelbarrow

Clean Ups Tidy Ups

Green waste, leaf removal, leaf blowing and all round spruce up.

Empty Park

Regular contracts or one-off jobs

From regular maintenance and care to one-off jobs as required.

We're happy to offer a free quote so you can choose.

Great to work with- always leaves the property looking like a million bucks!

Riley Jones


I will arrange to meet you at your property for a free no-obligation quote- I can price the job for you on the spot!

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